Roshgold Young Business Achiever Awards
2017 Business Directory

“Our 2017 finalists and winners really benefited from the competition. Entrants will judged as start-ups and established businesses. We encourage as many young businesses as possible to enter and enjoy the ride.”
– Competition Co-ordinator, Aadilah Sallie

This Directory serves to provide a Recommended List of Product and Service Providers
Roshgold recommends the following small businesses and young entrepreneurs, candidates who have made great advances and taken the initiative to grow and benefit those whom they serve through their respective niches and areas of expertise and skill.

Roshgold encourages you to strongly consider purchasing the products or employing the services of the applicants of the 2017 Roshgold YBA Awards below.

++ Please note that while Roshgold supports small businesses and champions the cause for entrepreneurship, Roshgold reserves the right to in no way be held responsible for the relationship and contractual dealings which transpire between a buyer and seller/service provider hereafter. Please do ensure services and agreements are fully understood, contracted professionally and conducted fairly. Should you provide an opportunity to the deserving businesses below, we would love to hear about your experience! Please do email the Programme Director and Founder of the Roshgold YBA awards on this email address: Mr Haroun Pochee:

DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Manufacturer of Islamic frames for homes and masjids. Personalised products including Du’aa charts, magnets, keyrings , clocks, fridge magnet etc
REGION: Online Store
“Don’t stop trying!! If you have an idea or a plan, don’t let anyone put you down. Always ask the right people for advice, because the wrong people will never want to see you succeed.” – Amina Jogee

DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Art on canvas using a variety of techniques that will improve fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and handwriting skills. Classes are taught by skilled art teachers that go the extra mile for each student ensuring that each child is given individual attention and guidance.
REGION: Roshnee Vereeniging
CONTACT DETAILS: 0713627976 / @artescapeschool

DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Bababandz creates accessories to match their customers own outfits. Pictures of the customers outfits are sent to Bababandz and absolutely gorgeous items are customised to match their garments perfectly. Mothers can freely buy any outfit without the worry of having no matching accessories, because as we say in fashion, “be wise, accessorize”
REGION: Online
CONTACT DETAILS: 0795235462 / / @Bababandz
“That anything is possible and can be achieved with hard work and determination. Once a start is ignited the flame continues to burn. And the most important, knowledge is power, so study hard while you can so that one day you can have options in life.” – Zainab Mahomed

NAME OF BUSINESS: Butterfly Hijabi
DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Tween Entrepreneur & Online Book retailer. Down Syndrome / Special Needs Advocate
AREA: Nationwide delivery
CONTACT DETAILS: 0827770257 / (@trendsetter_hijabi_books
“Behind my humble story is a lesson for all entrepreneurs to always follow their hearts  and to  do what they love, no matter what their ages. If we step out of our comfort zones, we have the opportunity of developing our talents and finding the key to success.”- Raabia Ravat

NAME OF BUSINESS: Carpet and Decor Centre– Muneer Bham
DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Carpet and Decor Centre is a proud family owned, Level 1 BEE business. They are said to be a national market leader in the supply and installation of floors, blinds and wallpaper. We have 13 branches across the country. Carpet and Decor prides themselves in excellent customer service and value for money.
REGION: South Africa & Tzaneen
CONTACT DETAILS: 0118373856 @carpetdecor_sa @Muneer_the_fit_life on Instagram
“Don’t expect things to happen – make things happen. – Success doesn’t happen overnight – it takes time, effort and persistence. – Don’t make a decision in haste – THINK and consult others before making decisions” – Muneer Bham

NAME OF BUSINESS: Cassim Chohan & Co

DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: The business provides accounting services to a range of varied clients, of different sizes. SARS statutory returns and submissions are done on behalf of clients, calculation and submission on their taxes and provisional taxes. We assist new clients in registering new entities, and advise them on the best options for them or their business. We provide bookkeeping services in preparation for financial statement submission. We collect well over a few millions in taxes. We are an accounting training centre, where graduates can complete their training learnerships to be certified practising accountants. This program is usually over a duration of 3 years..

REGION: Johannesburg
“Keep striving for what you want. Challenges are part and parcel of success. After the storm comes the rays of sunshine. Work hard. and Work consistently. Trust in yourself. Look to serve others first, and you will ultimately be serving your own needs as well.”- Shamima Chohan

NAME OF BUSINESS: Cherrytop Clothing

DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Cherrytop is primarily a brand within the manufacturing and clothing retail space in SA. They produce their own line of kids clothing, sleepwear, ladies modestwear, ladies sleepwear, swimwear and Abayas.
REGION: Online
CONTACT DETAILS: 0725882999 / / @cherrytop_clothing
“IF YOU CAN DREAM IT,YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT. Every fall or stumble on your road to fulfilling your dreams ,is a stepping stone to your success. Find you passion in life ,and everything else will take its place .Never let the fear of taking that risk prevent you from finding your greatest you!!”- Zakiyya Patel

NAME OF BUSINESS: Chilli Chocolate Chefs

DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Chilli Chocolate Chefs is an established chef sister act in the culinary world of KwaZulu Natal, specialising in gourmet Halaal catering. Chilli Chocolate Chefs offers something for corporates, special events and celebrations to create unique intimate dining experiences. Their foodie offerings also includes: food gifting and junior chef training.
REGION: Based in KZN- Nationwide
CONTACT DETAILS: 0836776888 @chillichocolatechefs
“The quicker you realise this and adopt a “Love” attitude, you will find positive business outcomes will follow. From getting feedback to innovative ideas, processes and more.The customer is always right.
Listening to what the customer wants and respective constructive criticism. Being able to acknowledge errors and compensate customers where your service was below optimum are part of the strategy. “ Ashraf Kadwa

NAME OF BUSINESS: Churrolicious

DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Churro’s is a Portuguese, Philippino pastry thats fried and dusted in sugar and served with a dipping sauce. What makes Churrolicious different from other churro companies is our unicorn churro’s which is rainbow tinted churro’s served with a marshmallow dipping sauce and sprinkles. The other thing that makes us different is our sauces, all are decedent and home made from the best quality ingredients.
REGION: Gauteng
CONTACT DETAILS: 0718509535 / / @Churrolicious786
“The world is truly your oyster, you can do and become anything you want to be. The first step to success is to believe in yourself even when it seems no one else does! Do your homework, devise a plan and execute it. If you loose anything remember the knowledge you have gained is priceless.” – Zakeeya Mohamed

NAME OF BUSINESS: Cinnamon & Lace

DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Bespoke Gift Styling Durban Based Flower Box
CONTACT DETAILS: 0827860705 / / @cinnamon_lace

NAME OF BUSINESS: Commerce4kidz

DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Commerce4kidz is an extra mural activity aimed at ages 3-6 to encourage an understanding, appreciation and respect for all things commerce in a fun and interactive way that will help with more intelligent future decision making.
REGION: Gauteng
CONTACT DETAILS: 0825580532 /
“I am still trying to achieve my goals but my biggest asset is my belief in myself. I believe that my passion for this business to succeed will outweigh the challenges. That is key for future entrepreneurs.”-Farhana Sacoor


DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Crazinerd is a business that was started with the sole intention of creating a platform for young entrepreneurs to get themselves online. The aim was to simply eradicate the financial barrier that young business owners experience when they need a website. Crazinerd creates websites for people for only R400 as an alternative affordable route to the online market for every entrepreneur out there.
REGION: Nationwide
“Don’t try to get rich quick, don’t overprice things, help others grow with you, share your knowledge, be an older sibling and guide the new business owners, only then can you call yourself a leader and entrepreneur, because an entrepreneur isn’t someone who makes employees, an entrepreneur is someone who makes other entrepreneurs.” Madzenga Mabaso,

NAME OF BUSINESS: Decadence by Fahmeeda

DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Decadence by Fahmeeda was established in 2013 after Fahmeeda completed my studies in pastry arts at Capsicum culinary studio. Decadence is currently a home-based industry and its key product lines include cakes, pastries, desserts and novelty cakes. Decadence caters for various functions including weddings, conferences and birthdays.
REGION: Johannesburg & Vereeniging
CONTACT DETAILS: 0724431700 / / @decadencebyfahmeeda
Never give up on your dreams, constantly strive to achieve greatness. There is a lot of obstacles on the road to success and if you can over come them with hard work and determination you have won.” Fahmeeda Hussain

NAME OF BUSINESS: Dr Raeesa Abdulla, General Practitioner with a special interest in Aesthethic Medicine

DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: General Practitioner – Assisting patients with general medical issues and indicators. Improving patient wellness Preventative wellness – A range of preventative medical techniques that prevent sickness, or serious conditions Intravenous infusions – The intravenous route is the fastest way to deliver fluids and medications throughout the body Skin care – Improving skin health and assisting with various skin conditions using a variety of techniques
REGION: Kwa Zulu Natal
CONTACT DETAILS: / / @rae_abdulla_
“Believe you can to achieve. Great ideas are only as good as the person implementing it. Live a balanced lifestyle, always take the good from a situation and leave the bad. And always put in the hard yards to achieve your goals.” Dr Raeesa Abdulla


DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Dupe Factorie is a small growing team of beauty curators bringing the latest beauty trends to South African shores at affordable prices. ‘Dupes’ are commonly known as alternatives in the beauty world – this small business provides and sources out alternatives to high end brands that are usually not available in South Africa
REGION: Online
CONTACT DETAILS: 0649021329 / / / @dupefactorie
“Always dream big and follow your dreams, no matter how crazy or impossible it may seem.” Dilnaaz Omar

NAME OF BUSINESS: Enderun colleges springs/uict

DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Enderun College strives towards providing an integrated education which optimises the potential of learners in order to maintain levels of excellence which will be achieved by: Developing ethical values Providing a balanced curriculum Nurturing the learning experience of every child Promoting sound leadership opportunities for learners The long term goal of our school is to provide secondary education to our learners, providing the assistance to get into tertiary institutes suitable for their individual needs and hence sending them into the world a qualified and skilled professonals. Enderun currently has boys from grade 8 to grade 12 enrolled at their school. They provide ordinary South African youth private school education, small classrooms, access to technology (e- learning) in a safe environment where they are protected from the social-ills of society today (e.g. drugs, gangsterism etc.)
CONTACT DETAILS: 0724356682 /
“Never underestimate yourself, society and the world needs fresh innovative ideas and contrary to popular belief, most investors or board members are open to and really supportive of youth leadership. Hard work, sweat and tears do not go unnoticed. I worked really hard for 3 years, with the success of the students in my heart and thanks to the Almighty, it paid off.” Ayesha Lambat


DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: A creation aimed at being a breakthrough in the woman’s makeup palette, the Fiori Paris brand was born not only to produce products that met the demands of make-up artists, but also the demands of every woman out there. To provide the finest products at the best affordable prices.
REGION: Nationwide delivery
CONTACT DETAILS: 0614489331 @fiori_pari
“Persist until you succeed. A 1% of negativity can destroy everything. Always remain positive put your head down to set your goals. Be obsessive, be humble, be consistent, avoid distractions and keep going. Nothing is impossable!” Raaeesa Choonara

NAME OF BUSINESS: Freshly Cut Media

DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Freshly Cut Media focuses on the production of video content. They produce content for corporates, television and social media. This small business aims is to take a new and innovative approach to creating content. Freshly Cut Media has grown out of a sheer love for television, media and film. They specialise in tailor made video production for corporates, individuals and T.V. Freshly Cut is a Level 1 BBBEE Company
REGION: Johannesburg
CONTACT DETAILS: 0785328538 / /
“An MBA means nothing when you can’t adapt yourself and learn from the people and environments you are in. Nothing will work if you don’t have that. Always follow your dreams and turn them into a reality.”

NAME OF BUSINESS: Geo Wild Halaal Game Meat

DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Geo Wild Halaal Game Meat provides a unique healthy product to the market. Professional culling done under sanha supervision, ensuring cold chain isn’t broken, and providing the consumer with a professional end product.
REGION: Gauteng
CONTACT DETAILS: 0725525665 / / / @geowildhalaalgamemeat
“Professionalism. Great sacrifice and accepting feedback and constructive criticism will drive you to a road of success.” Abdur-Rahmaan Moolla

NAME OF BUSINESS: Grand Butcher Shoppe

DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Grand Butcher Shoppe delivers meat products of a high quality to your home so there’s no aggravation of having to go the butcher on the weekend (for those that are working). They strive for Quality, Convenience and Affordability.
CONTACT DETAILS: 0780103184 /
“Never give up…I had a meat wholesale where bad debts and in hindsight bad decisions caused me to close up shop where after I bought a butchery which also didn’t work out…so had to go back to the drawing board and start from scratch and through the mercy of Allah I am reaping the rewards.” Huzayfah Navlakhi

NAME OF BUSINESS: Holiday Night Market

DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: The Holiday Nite Market is a unique market hosted at Signet Terrace Shopping Centre in Lenasia since 2011. It is a vibrant dynamic market with an increase of new stalls on a regular basis. Visitors can enjoy a wonderful community atmosphere as well as a variety of stalls and entertainment. The market is loved by locals and exposes the community’s talent and creativity by showcasing their products. Small and emerging businesses are afforded the opportunity to reach new markets. Local charities and orphanages are given the opportunity to increase awareness in the community of the excellent work they are doing.The market has, from inception helped many small home industries on their path to success. Evolving even from small business to product wholesalers .It has always been our vision as organisers to provide the opportunity for small businesses and home industries to expand and uplift the community at large.
REGION: Lenasia
“The most important , your Intention , be positive ,believe in yourself, dont give up your dream , always be positive and remember to give it your all and  very best in everythng you do. Stay humble be kind in whatever you do and assist wherever you can. Work smart!!!” Summaya Nanabhay

NAME OF BUSINESS: iCandy Confiserie

onfiserie specializes in novelty cakes, cupcakes, mini desserts, designer macarons, gourmet ice creams, edible gifting for all occasions and so much more!
REGION: Johannesburg
CONTACT DETAILS: 0762795238 / @icandy_confiserie
Follow your dreams.. pray daily, patience and perseverance are the key secrets to success inshaALLAH. “Work smart, not hard” Basheera Omar


DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Khanetix prides itself in makeovers for brand, digital marketing, creating brand awareness for businesses who previously shied away from new age methods of advertising and marketing. Khanetix helps build a digital footprint and continue to walk the road to brand recognition for our clients.
If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Be Positive, Be brave, Be patient… and above all, be humble. Don’t expect overnight success, like good food takes time to prepare, so do our goals. It will be worth it! Ejaz Khan

NAME OF BUSINESS: Laila Tickly (Architect)

DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: -Architectural Design -Interior Layout Design
-Renovation & Remodelling -As Builts -3D modeling- Visualization (Graphic presentation)
REGION: Nationwide
CONTACT DETAILS: 072 808 5909 /  /
“If you have a dream, don’t lose track of it. Especially as a female. Sometimes as a wife and mother you may feel overwhelmed with all your roles and responsibilities at times even feeling a sense of guilt to continue your dreams… Don’t let this be the case.Strive and work hard and smart. We all deserve to live our dreams in harmony.” Laila Tickley


DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: LeFai by Faaiza customizes and designs evening and bridal gowns. They pride themselves in providing quality one of a kind pieces. We take on minimal orders monthly so as to pay individual attention to each person and have them enjoy the experience of having seeing their garment evolve from pattern to a complete look.
CONTACT DETAILS: 0826292881 / / / @lefaibyfaaiza /
“Business is a roller coaster. It has its highs and lows. But as long as you are doing something you are passionate about it won’t feel like just a job.” Faaiza Chohan


DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Lenasia Times newspaper was founded in August 1976, coinciding with the nascent establishment of the suburb of Lenasia as part of the Group Areas Act. Concurrently, as the town grew and developed, so too did Lenasia Times with it, with the newspaper documenting significant milestones, events, occurrences et al of the town and community.
Entrant Waseem Camroodeen states: As Editor “I believe in using this media platform as a means to immensely augment the development of this, and all, communities of Gauteng, frequently highlighting accomplishments and addressing societal challenges in a meaningful way, beneficial to the community at large, using the power of media to facilitate such positive change for the betterment of people.”
CONTACT DETAILS: 0726055345 / / /
My advice to youth is therefore never to give up, as cliche as it may sound, always show respect to people, and always strive for quality and not sub-standard outputs. Waseem Camroodeen

NAME OF BUSINESS: Lunabylayyah

DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Lunabylayyah is a design house that specializes in modest wear, concentrating on Abayas, kaftans and modest wear.
REGION: Nationwide Delivery
CONTACT DETAILS: 0784557788 / / @lunabylayyah
If you can dream It, you can do It!!! Layyah Saley

NAME OF BUSINESS: Mesmerizing Mixes

DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Mesmerizing Mixes is a quality range of baking premixes. The idea was born from the realization that people don’t have time to bake complicated items. It is easy to go to the bakery and buy your few ready to eat items but sometimes it’s nice to be able to have the aroma of freshly baked cookies wafting through your home.
CONTACT DETAILS: 0763807863 / / @mesmerizingmixes/
“Do not let anyone stifle your creativity. If you have a vision/dream that you feel is worth pursuing then do it! Where there is a will there is a way. Ask for help from those with the experience and know how. Run your ideas through different people whom you trust. We sometimes look at things with blinkers on (or through rose tinted glasses) and running your ideas via a trusted person could greatly help in putting things into perspective. Have a positive mindset and keep smiling-“ Sadiyah Mosam

NAME OF BUSINESS: Modestybybash

DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Instagram Influencer. @modestybybash is a platform for local modest fashion businesses especially and any home/small businesses to showcase their products. Giving back initiatives like the ‘weseeyou’ initiative to recognise women in the community who have been through tough times and deserve to be spoilt. Tackling topics that are taboo and raising awareness on issues eg infertility, bullying etc
REGION: Online
CONTACT DETAILS: 0823122418 / / @modestybybash
Success is not achieved overnight, it takes hard work and alot of time. Always stay true to yourself-remember why you started- remember you are Muslim first and foremost and don’t be distracted by fame.” Basheera Dawjee


DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Personalised Gifting, Decor, Corporate Branding. Lasercut ornaments, personalised Tshirts, Mugs, Caps, Kitchenware etc Constant innovation and creativity leading to cutting edge ideas in the decor and gifting industry
REGION: Nationwide Delivery
CONTACT DETAILS: 0764220044 / /
“Follow your passion, be inspired by your dreams”- Raeesa Bassa

NAME OF BUSINESS: Muslim Youth Council of Entrepreneurs

DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: The Muslim Youth Council of Entrepreneurs (MYCOE) was founded in order to provide a platform to promote and elevate entrepreneurship and business in the Muslim community. The foundation of MYCOE rests on 3 pillars: Networking -Successful entrepreneurs know that the lifeblood of their business is found in making the right connections. MYCOE facilitates the meeting of potential business alliances or inspiring discussions with like-minded individuals. Advisory- MYCOE has members who are experienced and successful entrepreneurs looking to pay it forward as well as skilled professionals in every area of business who are ready to lend a helping hand or provide advice. Investment – MYCOE provides a platform for innovative and successful businesses or business ideas to be matched with investors looking for exciting opportunities.
CONTACT DETAILS: 0846788788 / /
“The only real fulfillment lies in the uplifting of others while maintaining freedom through your own business activity. While there may be difficult moments and the pursuit for entrepreneurial success may be lifelong, the alternatives are a hollow shell of your true potential – never give up.” Mohammed Zia Sadik


DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Nadia Motala is a Ladies-only Salon based in Ushaka Marine World. They offer a wide range of beauty products and services . HAIR: cutting, styling, colour, treatment and retail products BEAUTY: waxing, facials, massage, weight loss NAILS: manicures, pedicures and nail art MAKEUP: makeup application and retail products .
CONTACT DETAILS: 0762859183 / / @nadiamotala /
“Your results in life are in direct proportion to the amount of efforts you place into your actions, which are simply determined by the number of limitations you place on your thoughts” Simply put, you are either your greatest adversary or your greatest motivator. Trust in yourself and have faith in Allah’s plan. Work Hard, smart and honestly.” Nadia Motala

NAME OF BUSINESS: Noori Enterprises (Pty) Ltd

DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Noori Enterprises is a South African based FMCG export company. The company aims to deliver fresh produce not only on a large scale but have delivered “From-farm-to-fork” to households in Durban as well. Visit their website for a comprehensive range of products as areas they deliver to.
CONTACT DETAILS: 0722654466 /
“If you can dream it, you will achieve it inshaAllah. Start with Bismillah and Allah will guide and provide for you from sources unknown. SubhanAllah” Suhaila Ameer

NAME OF BUSINESS: Panache Promotions and Events

DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Lifestyle Events, Concerts, Fundraising Events, Banquets, Kiddies Entertainment perfectly packaged to fit the requirements of patrons. Achieving this each time with “Panache” as the organization aims to always plan an event putting themselves in the patrons shoes. Combining the above with class, style and of course humility has allowed Panache to be highly recognized in the Entertainment sector.
REGION: Gauteng
CONTACT DETAILS: 0721740896 / / Panache Promotions and Events Pty Ltd.
“Follow your dreams and do not let anyone or anything come in the way of achieving your goals.” Farzanah Mayet

NAME OF BUSINESS: Pandor exclusive designs

DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Pandors Exclusive designs Specializes in: Design, manufacture & installation of: 1) High quality Kitchen Units 2) Bedroom Cupboards 3) Shop fittings
REGION: Gauteng
CONTACT DETAILS: 0732033309 / /
“Aspire to be an entrepreneur and not just a “Business owner”. With every difficulty there’s a lesson to be learnt. Never be afraid to seek knowledge and advises from those around you. When you fail, try again. Ultimately aspire to be the best in your trade and never give up.” Hamza Pandor


DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Party Suppliers SA is a South African company and is a brand that offers exclusive products with a modern and unique style. They stock a variety of unique home ware during the rest of the year. Products are accessible , affordable as good quality.
CONTACT DETAILS: 0721235988 /
“Never give up on your dreams, the destination to success is a long road with lots of detours but at the end of it all it is worth it” Salmah Suleman


DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Pinstove is an App that allows home cooks and bakers to sell their products via an app interface. The app is location based and will show prospective customers what is available for them to purchase in their area. The food /Baking is then ordered via the app. Once the collection time has come, the customer will be reminded to pick up the food. The payment is done through a secure payment gateway
CONTACT DETAILS: 0792838685 / / @pinstove_za
“To just do it. If you have an idea, go for it. If you don’t someone else will.” Atiyyah Kajee


DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Specializing in the provision of steel; shelving; shopfitting & racking services. Also offering second hand refurbished storage solutions into the market particularly for small businesses . Razmo Designs also offer customized solutions to large companies wanting and willing to invest in brand new goods and services, such as the Baby City stores etc
CONTACT DETAILS: 0721078667 / / / @razmodesigns
“My advice to the youth, upcoming businesses, new entrepreneurs & even established ones in all goods & services industries in any sphere is to set a goal and work toward achieving it. Never lose sight of your end outcome & most importantly never lose yourself in the process. Aim toward excellence every single day. Find your passion, believe in it & work diligently toward achieving it. As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day. The initial stages are always the hardest- & when you feel the walls closing around you, remember never to quit because tomorrow is another day. Hold your dreams close to your heart, never be afraid to ask for advice, but most importantly call on your Creator every single day to provide you with the strength and courage you need to succeed.” Shuayb Vawda

NAME OF BUSINESS: Restore Health Water

DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Restore Health Water was founded with a vision to change the lives of our clients and the community. They provide antioxidant, alkaline, ionised water, also known by their clients as ‘life-changing’ water. There are NO powders, additives or preservatives and our water is a ready to use convenient solution. Our water has improved the lives of people suffering from renal failure (kidney disease), gout, acidity, inflammation, heartburn, constipation, acne, weight loss as well as people looking to improve their overall quality of life. Through our work with NPOs we have been able to provide branded water to them which they are sell to the community and generate revenue for their respective organisations.
CONTACT DETAILS: 0828950107 / / / @restorehealthwater
“START and Network… People today say “Tomorrow” or even “I don’t know what to do”… that was me. We are not taught HOW TO SELL or Manage money and the importance of cash flow. Start small and with your immediate family. Get your kids to sell and barter, teach them negotiation skills and contract management. Write these things in the context of your home and teach them the importance of money and how to respect it! One of the most important skills that is needed as a business owner, is networking… there is no way you can grow a business just using technology, there has to be a brand, a story or a message that we need to communicate. It is easier to close a deal if you connect with people so teach your kids to be people’s people, kind, humble and never boastful” Faheema Mahomed


DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: An online fashion business specializing in bags accessories and clothing.
REGION: Online & featured in YDE Stores
CONTACT DETAILS: 0761579718 / / @fashion_ _wire
Stay dedicated, any business faces many hurdles it is up to the individual to keep persevering and push through the tough times in order to reach success.


DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Influencer/ Blogger. Uses humour in newspaper articles, videos and blogs to communicate with her following. More recently Saffiya has begun public speaking and motivational speaking.
REGION: Online
CONTACT DETAILS: / @safhappens

“Don’t be afraid of what people have to say. Whether you follow the “norms” or not there are still people who are going disapprove of you. The most unhappy of people are those who worry about what others think of them. As long as what you wish to pursue is moral and does not harm anyone and it makes you happy, pursue it fervently. Remember reputation is what others think of you and character is who you really are. Work on character. Never doubt yourself, doubt killed more dreams than failure ever did. GO FOR IT!!! The best time was yesterday, the second best time is today” Safiyyah Sujee


Sourcing of motor vehicles repair and clean to be sold to well known dealerships. Supplying a quality service assuring customer satisfaction by emphasizing on customer confidence and trust. Also the niche to handpick excellent product and offer it to the market, SD Auto prides itself in cleanliness and quality.
REGION: Gauteng
CONTACT DETAILS: @sherazd_auto

“Take the risk it’s never too late.” Sheraz Dawood

NAME OF BUSINESS: Shaazia Soomar

DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Currently studying a BCOM degree. Shaazia commits her time talking at business seminars and youth development agency seminars including business women association meetings related to young female development. Public speaking is a one of her major strengths and is also something she really enjoys doing. Shaazia partakes in many charitable events in which she offers free make up workshops to young orphan ladies and start off with a Motivational talk on women upliftment and women independence. She also cover topics such as self love, self respect and self confidence.

CONTACT DETAILS: 0736078620 / @Shaazia_TasneemBuddy.


DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Designing and production of handmade high quality luxurious 3D lashes which is an essential makeup product used to achieve a flawless look.
CONTACT DETAILS: Madeeha Karim – 0839926786 /
“I would definitely encourage each and every single establishing entrepreneur to never give up and always persevere. Decide where you want to go and do not stop until you get there. Education is a guaranteed survival kit of life but being an entrepreneur is a burning passion that will not be stopped.” Madeeha Karim

NAME OF BUSINESS: Skh-SA / Sameera Hamid

DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Make up Applications and Hair : Sameera provides an affordable rate for Brides and families. Make Up Events: SKH-SA trains women to wear Make up the CORRECT WAY.
REGION: Pretoria
CONTACT DETAILS: 0847862208 / @skh_sa / SKh Sa Sam
“Persevere ! Shun negativity. Don’t play victim. Stand up for yourself. Be confident . Wake Up early. Pray. Give Charity. Dress Up. Wear Make Up. (Correct Make Up) wink wink . Carry a flat shoe for your errands. And be EXTREMLY Humble. Success will come!” Sameera Hamid

NAME OF BUSINESS: Spartans Sports Academy

DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Spartans Sports Academy is a company that allows various schools ranging from pre-school right up until secondary school to outsource our services to either take one of the following options: 1. Take over the entire physical education at the school 2. Work with parents directly to coach their child on an extra-curricular basis. Various other options are available depending on the schools needs etc. Lastly Spartans Sports Academy understand the trying times we are currently living and have devised price structures that suit everyone’s and every schools needs including government schools in the poorer areas making it affordable for each and every child and school.
CONTACT DETAILS: 0728092625 / / @spartans_sa
“Keep your intentions pure and you will see the rewards. Don’t be afraid to take on the challenges of starting up your own business no matter how tough a task it may seem. You will never know until you try. Go out there and make a positive difference.” Ahmed Khota


DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Their motto is: We don’t sell cheap cars , we sell cars cheap…
REGION: Cape Town
CONTACT DETAILS: 0826968535 / / /
“Don’t give up on your dreams keep pushing, it’s better to have tried and failed than not to have tried at all.” Sameer Ismail

NAME OF BUSINESS: Sugarlicious

DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: The only ice cream macaron store in South Africa. Sugarlicious ships their products via airfreight to Johannesburg and Cape Town for functions. They also revolutionized the way ice cream is sold, packaging their ice cream in styrofoam boxes with dry ice to last the consumer 30/45 minutes until they get home. This ensures the cold chain as well as product quality.
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“Every action is by its intention” what is your intention for the business, what are you wanting to achieve or change with your business? focus on that goal and work towards it. it will not be easy, success is not the magazine articles or tv interviews, success is getting through the day when all you want to do is throw in the towel and call it quits, when you get through that knowing that you are working towards your goals no matter how tough it gets.” Zakeeya Mitha


DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Telesense’s main product is Customer WiFi. The help business owners to offer free wifi to their customers. By providing free wifi to customers it improves customer service. Business owners will also be able to see analytics and demographics of the people that connect to their wifi which is usually above 75%. Customer data is stored on the web-based social dashboard and is automatically exported to a marketing platform so business owners can add qualified leads to their marketing campaign. During the login process, business owners can also request their customers to like or post on their Facebook page to increase brand awareness.
REGION: Johannesburg
I would say go for it and don’t let anything get in the way. Resources and time may be limited but everything is what you make out of it. If anyone is interested I would show them exactly how to register and how to find suppliers, create accounts and manage your business tasks so you don’t forget about following up on a customer.” Muaaz Teladia

NAME OF BUSINESS: The Alpha Academy Tuition centre

DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Unlike other informal tuition facilities, The Alpha Academy Tuition Centre boasts a professional space where they rent out a space in order to create an environment and atmosphere conducive and comfortable for the students and at the same time treat it and run it as the professional business that it is. A tuition centre aimed at providing students exactly what they require to enhance their education and bring out the best in them- not just regarding their secular education, but as an individual as well.
REGION: Johannesburg
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“Intention is nothing without action. Youth is no obstacle, it is an advantage. Belief in your own capabilities is all that is required to succeed. You can do anything, all you have to do, is do.” Uzair Bhaila

NAME OF BUSINESS: The Felt ‘n Tutu

DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: A Handmade label creating innovative gifting, kids decor and toys. Mostly made with felt. Personalized juzdaans, chairbags, quraan covers, names of the kids or themes are all done with felt and tiny embroidery and toy stuffing to create a 3G effect. Also retailing other products such as keyholders, cot mobiles, soft baby toys too and felt girls hair accessories which clients love. The Felt and Tutu share that art with felt is a bottomless treasury.
REGION: Online
CONTACT DETAILS: 0833446684 / / @the.felt.n.tutu
Sit down and decide on a name for your business and a plan. Write it down. And every month go back to your plan tick of achievement and add on or change some if need be. Yes you will face troubles and problems and challenges. But you will also troubleshoot, problem solve and overcome challenges. The key is, if you have a dream, do your best to get the ball rolling. Once you playing ball have fun. And it’s all about learning. Learning what works and what doesn’t. So be open to changing your dream a bit if the original plan doesn’t work out. Take breaks when things get too much. Research has been invaluable to me. Also learn and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Ask questions. Ask people for advice. Don’t lose hope of your vision no matter how slow or long it seems to take getting there. Take a chance on yourself and start. That’s the biggest challenge you will ever face. Believe me!” Fatima Bhamjee


DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: The Flame Boys supply a variety of braai’ed items for birthdays, family gatherings, corporate events or any other functions in Ermelo. Barbequed meats and meals as well as salads and side dishes. Their service is catering for functions and allowing the hosts themselves to enjoy their function as well while they take care of all the food catering needs. The Flame Boys have made an impact on the market by simplifying people’s lives and producing excellent food products and meals.
CONTACT DETAILS: 0605254193 @theflameboys_ermelo
“To the youth, work hard, whether it’s your studies or your daily activities, do the best you can in it and stay off the streets, Choose your friends wisely and do something that makes you happy and your family proud, and to those aspiring young entrepreneurs and achievers amongst us, Be the go getters!” Raees Dendar &Uzair Jassat

NAME OF BUSINESS: The Modest Wardrobe

DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: The Modest Wardrobe is a clothing business aimed at producing modern, yet modest apparel for the fashionable Muslimah.
REGION: Online
CONTACT DETAILS: 0727936482 / / @TheModestWardrobe_
“YOU CAN DO IT. No matter how hard anything may seem, you can do it if you put your mind. And of course, don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today- it’s the best advice I’ve ever been given.” Raeesa Essop


DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Tuition Aid offers an innovative service to the community of Durban. It is a support system formulated to build a lasting relationship with education. It allows students to express their compliments and complaints about the various flaws in the education system and Tuition Aid teaches them to sharpen their strengths and conquer their weakness.
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“My dear youth, you are one going to hold the reins of the future. It is then going to be your chance to take charge, to be the difference, to be that leader you need now. And the only way it is possible is through self reflection. Know who you are, know what you want, know that you can achieve. Believe. Dream. Do! Let your actions today mould you to be that leader whose people will be proud of. And remember with great power comes even greater responsibility.” Zaakirah Ravat

NAME OF BUSINESS: Ur Confection Connection

DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: A home industry baking simple but tasty and everyday tea time treats. Offering only the best products including signature coconut biscuits and plain Madeira cake. REGION: Vereeniging
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“It’s never too late to start a business, I have been baking since the age of 13 and have had a passion ever since. It took years before I took the step into business so don’t think twice take the step forward and make your dreams into reality.” Zainub Saley


DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Home based business specialising in artisanal small batch crunchy homemade granola as well as macarons. Vanilla Sugar also offers macaron classes as well as holds kids baking classes.
REGION: Kwa-Zulu Natal
CONTACT DETAILS: 0835830029 / /
“Don’t give up, no matter what. When life pushes you down, get up, dust yourself off and push back harder because nothing is impossible.” Safiyya Patel


DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Wireless data Franchisor. Level One BEE South African based company, building a broadband wireless network throughout South Africa with the focus on underserviced and rural areas.
REGION: National
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“Persist and endure. If you truly believe in your concept do your due diligence and never give up. Devise your mission and vision statements and keep the goal in sight.” Shabir Satar


DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Zemiente Fat Burner is 100% natural and organic. It allows people to lose weight naturally without any harmful pills and strict diets. It allows you to lose weight effortlessly while carrying on with your busy schedules and still allows you too look good and feel fabulous!
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“There will be many obstacles that you will face during your journey, focus on the goal. Remind yourself during the tough times why you are doing it, remember Rome wasn’t built in one day. Be passionate and persevere.” Nuri Davids

NAME OF BUSINESS: 60_seconds_of_love

DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: 60_seconds_of_love is a photography brand that aims at capturing beautiful everyday objects. 60 Seconds of Love has allowed these home based businesses to obtain professional photos at affordable prices to help evaluate their business.
REGION: Gauteng
CONTACT DETAILS: 0725207236 / / @60_seconds_of_love
“The road to success is never straightforward or easy. Believe in yourself and venture forward. You may stumble or fall along the way but you need to remember to get up and dust yourself off and remind yourself that you can achieve all that you set your mind to. Nothing is impossible.” Yaseera Sujee