The organisers, competition partners and 2017 Participants have been busy putting the final touches to the 2018 edition of Roshgold Young Business Achiever awards.

Roshgold Chairman and Competition Judge Ebrahim Sujee encouraged prospective entrants:

“We want this to be a boost for entrepreneurs. We are committed to showcasing our entrepreneurs and their businesses. There have everything to go for and enter. The experience is great!”

Competition Co-ordinator, Aadilah Sallie agrees;

“Our 2017 finalists and winners really benefitted from the competition. Entrants will judged as start-ups and established businesses. We encourage as many young businesses as possible to enter and enjoy the ride.”

Make it happen. Keep your eyes glued to Roshgold Social media, including Roshgold’s Instagram page for all the information and application forms.

There are no limitations Prospective Candidates except telling us about their businesses and supporting the application with information on what makes their business tick and so goooood!

What’s new to share with readers and prospective candidates?

  • A Total in excess of R 100 000 in cash prizes for contestants, including top three.
  • Free banking for qualifying candidates.
  • A boost in technology- Stand to WIN a Laptop /Tablet and Data Bundles
  • Special mentoring sessions for qualifying candidates.
  • Supporting marketing on Social Media and in Roshgold News.
  • Free insertion and listing into the YBAA entrepreneur directory.
  • Photoshoot and Video shoot of qualifying wow businesses.
  • Personal Business and Life Coaching  for Winners
  • Briefing sessions in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.
  • Coverage on the Roshgold Young Business Achiever Award Website.
  • A Trophy and Certificate for the Top 5 Winners.
  • Many more exciting possibilities.

“We are the chilli chocolate chefs the winners of last year’s Roshgold Young Business Achiever Awards. Our story is of two young girls with big ideas who took a giant leap to chase our dreams and follow our passion in the culinary world.  We started off with our dad’s car, our mums kitchen equipment and borrowed space in our aunts kitchen. Fast forward 8 years of fun messy kitchens late nights, constructive arguing and tons of delicious food! We never imagined winning the Roshgold Young Business Achievers Award and we are truly humbled. Winning the award has meant the world to us, the awareness, recognition, confidence and mentorship that Chilli Chocolate Chefs received since the award has been phenomenal! Our journey with Roshgold has given us exposure to greater opportunities and inspired us to dream big! We encourage you to enter your business and follow your dreams” – Fatima & Zainab Paruk, Chilli Chocolate Chefs- Winners, Roshgold YBAA 2017

“The first thing I’d like to say for our youth out there is to persevere, because every time you feel you’ve been pushed down on the floor, get up dust yourself off look to your peers your elders but never give up, in this country it seems it’s becoming difficult to do business but there is always business to be made, we as entrepreneurs we need to persevere and look to our elders, that’s why I take my hat off to Roshgold as they are looking at the youth. If you look at our parents they are phasing out of business but we are the youth now and it’s is the perfect platform and time to get our names out there with potential investors. We really appreciate this initiative and we hope for years to come this initiative will carry on and build on it and we will be there to supporting Roshgold” – Pandors Designs, Hamza Pandor Top 5 Finalist

“It’s an absolute pleasure and such an honor to be a part of it and to be associated with a brand that is synonymous with ethics, honesty and values and I look very forward to seeing what the 2018 participants have.”- Zaheera Bham Ismail, Official Judge Roshgold YBAA 2017


We are looking forward to having your business on board. Contact or if you need an application form or any additional queries you may have.