Roshgold Overview

“This initiative has touched lives. It has been truly rewarding experience and an honour to be part of the planning committee of The Roshgold Young Business Achiever Awards.”
– Shaakira Rahiman Saleh, Roshgold YBAA Project Coordinator and Presenter

For more than 30 years, Roshgold, is a committed, community-based Investment Company with flexible and proven investment options.
Roshgold Investment Holdings Ltd, established in 1984 has group assets in excess of Three Hundred Million Rand and its shareholders base exceeds three thousand shareholders. Although Roshgold does not expect to remain totally immune from the short term uncertainty in world markets, it is prudent to mention that Roshgold’s conservative decision-making which has been managed by an experienced Board of Directors and progressive management team has allowed the company to compete strongly in a treacherous economy.

Roshgold is a safe, time tested and profitable investment. Aside from a reputable and experienced team, one of our greatest strengths in the prevailing economic conditions lies within our investment structure. Roshgold invests primarily in property which has allowed the company to achieve steady growth with a low to medium risk profile. We are confident that Roshgold is well positioned and will continue to capitalize on the opportunities at hand.Roshgold is Shariah compliant and has sound corporate governance.

Our mission is to :
• Maintain a well balanced investment group.
• Generate a regular stream of income and longer term capital appreciation for our shareholders.
• Nurture leadership with entrepreneurial skills and productively employ the capital harnessed.
• Provide a vehicle for upliftment, personal development and empowerment through finance, education and participation.
• To provide quality service to our shareholders while maintaining the highest standards of ethical behaviour.
• Superior investment services.
• We respect diversity.
• We are committed to putting our shareholders at the heart of our business, developing and maintaining long-standing relationships based on trust.
• Our shareholders always come first.

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